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Daniel Vargas

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Daniel Vargas begun blowing glass at the age of eleven following in the footsteps of his father who taught him the art where they lived in the artisan colony of Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Daniel came to Canada in 1976 as the first glass blower in British Columbia.

Daniel Vargas soon established the first Glass Blowing studio in BC and became one of the most famous contemporary Canadian artists, his work referencing the great glass blowing traditions of Italy and Mexico. Classic shapes are given iridescent, fumed finishes for a distinct Art Nouveau style. These hand blown and hot worked glass objects of art are exquisite examples of the glassblower’s craft, reflecting the traditions of the Italian, European and Mexican glassblowers.

Daniel Vargas now works from his full production glass in Maple Ridge studio, Arte Vargas Glass Blowing Studio, is currently shipping the best of art forms made out of molten glass, to a global clientele through out the world.

Daniel has become well known for his magnificent chandeliers that are made up of many individual hand blown pieces all connected together to create a unique and spectacular effect. These chandeliers grace the entrances, hallways and great rooms of various restaurants, hotels and homes throughout Canada, United States and Mexico.

His work is also shown in various galleries across Western Canada and can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Arte Vargas produces a line of vases, perfume bottles, paper weights and unique sculptural works of art that include Canadian wildlife (cranes, eagles, bears, birds, moose, elk, big horn sheep) and domestic animals (roosters, swans, horses and pigs). Unlike many glass vases and pieces you will find, no molds are used in the creation of his art, and everything is made and signed by Daniel Vargas.

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