Canadian Hand Crafted Glass by Daniel Vargas

The Studio

 ArteVargas Glass Blowing Studio


The furnaces are kept running around the clock at temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Celsius.  The Arte Vargas studio features two Ovens, two Glory Holes and two Annelings.


    Creative artist Daniel Vargas has been mouthblowing glass for almost four decades.  Originally from Mexico where Danny was established in the world renowned artisan colony of Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Jalisco, at the tender age of 11 his father, a master glass blower, started to teach him the art of glass blowing.  Invited to Canada in 1976 for his artistic and technical expertise, Danny Vargas was the first glass blower in British Columbia.  He soon found his place among contemporary Canadian artists.


Danny has skillfully handmade his glass in Victoria, Prince George, Vancouver, and now in his new studio in Maple Ridge.  Where many have failed, Danny has been able to make a career out of shaping molten glass into vases and figurines.   And his pieces are now being sold to a growing international clientele.